A Dancer’s Thoughts On Microsoft’s GDC Party

I think this is a very good read that will shift a lot of people’s paradigms concerning women in the adult industries.

Maki Roll's Chop Shop

Imagine you’re at an after party at a night club full of young professionals.  You’re making conversation with some of the attendees.  One woman at the party is a full time caregiver.  She works double shifts assisting a man with muscular dystrophy.  Another woman is a part time instructor for a privately owned company that runs science clubs after school.  She talks about how excited she is at the rising amount of little girls who sign up each session.  One girl has just started her own small business.  She talks about how much different it is to file taxes when you’re your own boss.  You then cut your eyes to a raised platform.  Atop the platform is another woman.  She shakes and shimmies with a smile on her painted face the entire time.  Her boots are higher than your taxes, and she is wearing something kind of, sort of like…

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